ECOLOBLUE 600 Atmospheric Water Generator

ECOLOBLUE 600 Atmospheric Water Generator

ECOLOBLUE 600 Atmospheric Water Generator is another wonderful commercial and industrial water from air generator. It makes 600 Liters of fresh drinking water every day. It also cleans this water from all dirts and microbes using the latest filtration technology. So, it produces the freshest and healthiest drinking water that exists.

Many large-scale uses !!!

Moreover, ECOLOBLUE 600 Atmospheric Water Generator makes freshest drinking water for about 200 people per day. Hence it can is perfect for many commercial and industrial water uses. For example, it may be used in small factories, hotels, resorts. Also, it can be very useful in small gated communities and apartment buildings. There are also many other uses for this great device, and it is left to your imagination.


Contact Talisa Water today for sustainable water solutions. We have various models in stock ready for implementation.

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