ECOLOBLUE 1000 Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator

Perfect ECOLOBLUE 1000 Atmospheric Water Generator

ECOLOBLUE 1000 Atmospheric Water Generator is another commercial and industrial water from air generator from ECOLOBLUE. This one generates 264 gallons of fresh water from air every day. That means 1000 liters of fresh drinking water. It also purifies this water using the newest filtration systems available. It is a great new technology and very useful device.

Freshest drinking water for 330 !!!

In addition, ECOLOBLUE 1000 Atmospheric Water Generator extracts enough fresh water for more than 330 people from air. So, it can be ideal for so many large-scale water uses. It is also perfect for many businesses and industries. Additionally, it can be so useful in areas that suffer from water scarcity.


Freshest and safest drinking water on earth !!!!

Moreover, ECOLOBLUE 1000 Atmospheric Water Generator extracts water from ambient air; Exactly from humidity in the air. Hence, it makes water from a safe and eco-friendly source. After extracting water from air, it filters it with the latest filtering systems. Therefore, water it makes is the freshest and healthiest drinking water on this planet. You may also learn more about filtration in Atmospheric Water Generators.

So good specifications !!!

Furthermore, ECOLOBLUE 1000 Atmospheric Water Generator has so many other useful specifications. Therefore, it is a great machine that everyone needs. You can read about this machine specifications in detail.


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